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  • Description Where local people meet local business. Search over 19 million people and 1.1 million businesses in Canada.
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  • Rating 1/5
    laurieglory's Review on Posted on 09/28/2012
    Advertisers beware
    Advertisers beware. I worked at 411 for 7 long months as a sales rep. This is the most unscrupulous, unethical company I have ever had the displeasure of working for. They will tell you everything you want to hear in order to get the sale. They will tell you they get 14 million searches to the site every month - but what they don't tell you is that 99% of the searches conducted are for reverse lookups on phone numbers. The business directory of this site gets very, very little traffic. Very little. They will put you on hold to get you a "better deal" from the manager....when all they're really doing is putting you on hold and laughing at you saying "I got this sucker, how much should I let him have it for today?" There are no set rates. Every rep will give you a different a few times and test it for yourself. If one rep tells you $200, the next one will say $180 and so forth. They will sell you a $300 package for $100. The lowest the senior reps can go is $40/month for one small city. If you refuse that, your "lead" is sent over to the BAD team (the Buck-a-Day team) who will then sell it to you for $30/month. The work atmosphere is absolutely unprofessional. The floor manager sits there watching p o r n all day - he runs a p o r n site on the side. The sales "director" is a complete jerk who couldn't smile if his life depended on it and swears and curses at everyone when sales targets are not met. Sales reps pull random numbers out of their hats quoting traffic stats that DO NOT exist. Test it yourself. Call two different reps and they will tell you two different traffic numbers for your industry. They don't care how much you pay or what you buy, just buy something. All they care about is getting the sale. Once the sale is done and your credit card is processed, the "customer service" team will then call you to upsell you into more cities and more categories - when they get around to it. Other than that you'll be lucky if you can ever get through to them - especially, especially when you call to cancel. Even once you cancel you will continue to be billed and will likely have to call your credit card company or bank to block the charges. I'm telling you, this is the honest to goodness downright truth folks. And for all people considering working there, you will feel terrible at the end of the day unless you have no scruples and don't mind ripping off small business owners. Because the fact is, the advertising on this site is an absolute rip off, con job. 100%. The majority of customers cancel ASAP because there really is very minimal traffic going to the business directory aspect of this site. It is used primarily to look up phone numbers, always has been and always will be. And, I can guarantee you that any good reviews you find online regarding this site are all written by employees. I feel sick that I stayed there as long as I did so hopefully writing this review will help any future businesses considering advertising here. Just dont.
  • Rating 0/5
    CassandraTatton's Review on Posted on 11/10/2011
    Excellent Source
    I turn to them whenever I'm looking for an address or telephone number of a business. They give you this information, plus more. They give the business a chance to send updates to the site (though I've found that not many businesses do unfortunately) as well as what the business features (for example: I searched Tim Hortons and it says that it features "Coffee, Tea), and a QR code (for smartphone bar code scanners) in case you want to take it on the go!

    Overall, I think the site is wonderful and it's very easy to navigate and find the information you're looking for.
  • Rating 1/5
    nadeemaltaf's Review on Posted on 04/30/2011
    Very bad fraud
    They are frauds, they took my credit card for advertising and now they are charging it monthly without my permission and not giving back the money

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