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  • Description DHL is the global leader in the logistics industry. Specializing in international shipping, courier services and transportation.
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  • Rating 2/5
    Anon2010's Review on Posted on 12/02/2010
    DHL Customer Services and Delivery
    My first time using DHL was irritating.
    When the delivery man came to my door he demanded $60 saying it was for custom tax. I was not informed of such a fee and refused the parcel. I did some research and called DHL several times and discovered that this "custom tax" was a scam. It wasn't something I needed to pay for.

    I'm already annoyed at this point because the parcel contains a birthday present for a friend. I immediately call for a reshipment and the DHL associates said they have processed the request and it will arrive at my doorstep in 2 days. It never came.
    I call again, thinking maybe there was a delay of some sort. The woman said it will arrive the next day. So I wait.
    But I still don't have it. By the time I got to request a second reshipment it's already been two weeks.

    The delivery fee was a scam, sending emails to DHL is pointless and my only way to get accurate information is by calling about 10 times. I find it very ironic how the DHL customer service email is I sent an email and received a reply 10 days later, which, still, didn't answer my questions.

    My impression on DHL is that they are incompetent and inefficient and their work. Only a couple of the associates I spoke to over the phone seemed to know the duties of their job and what to do.

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